Our Shows

    BuildingRelationships Building Relationships

    Building Relationships is a weekly 54-minute program offering life-changing insight and realistic advice rooted in the Word of God. Hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman, Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry, Building Relationships is designed to provide fun and informative, practical help for your marriage.

    DarenStreblowShow Darren Streblow Comedy Show

    What do you get when you invite a nationally known comedian into your living room every week? The Darren Streblow Comedy Show! This sixty minute radio show will provide continual laughs for the entire family.

    Dennis Prager Dennis Prager Show

    Dennis Prager is one of America’s most respected radio talk show hosts. He has been broadcasting on radio in Los Angeles since 1982. His popular show became nationally syndicated in 1999. Widely sought after by television shows for his opinions, he’s appeared on Fox and Friends, Red Eye, Hardball, Hannity, CBS Evening News, The Today Show and many others.


    Metaxas Eric Metaxas Show

    The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspectives on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe. Eric Metaxas is one of America’s best known authors, commentators, TV personalities and public speakers for radio. This show is unlike anything ever heard before: compelling, compassionate and interactive.

    FirstPerson First Person

    First Person will give listeners an opportunity to hear testimonies firsthand, learning how God works through people to build His Kingdom. Some of the guests will be names you recognize. Others you will not. But all will teach you something about trusting Jesus Christ more fully with your life.

    HughHewitt Hugh Hewitt Show

    Hugh Hewitt is a lawyer, law professor and broadcast journalist. Professor Hewitt conducts groundbreaking interviews with government officials from both parties and talks with widely respected analysts, authors and pundits.

    IntheMarketwJanetParshall In the Market with Janet Parshall

    In the Market with Janet Parshall, challenges listeners to examine major news stories and issues being debated in the marketplace of ideas and speaks to them with the Word of God. In this fast-paced, caller-driven program, Janet evaluates newsworthy topics with guests and listeners using the Bible as a framework for discussion.

    JaySekulowLive Jay Sekulow Live

    Jay Sekulow and the team from the American Center for Law and Justice focus on legal, legislative, and national security battles as they are happening in the U.S. and around the world.

    LeoLaporte Leo Laporte the Tech Guy

    From computers, the internet, iPods, and cell phones to camcorders, digital cameras, gaming systems, and home theaters Leo Laporte provides entertaining tech talk that appeals to the inner geek in us all.

    LightThroughtheNight Light Through the Night

    In the overnight hours, listen to the dramatized reading of the Word. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s Word is spoken clearly, breaking through the darkness.

    Gallagher Mike Gallagher Show

    Now in Mike’s 14th year of national syndication, the “happy conservative warrior” offers a combination of a fast-paced, fun delivery, a passionate interaction with his listeners and a first-name basis relationship with leading newsmakers from coast-to-coast, all of which makes The Mike Gallagher Show one of the most consistently popular programs on national radio today.

    PreceptsforLife Precepts for Life

    Precepts for Life, hosted by Kay Arthur, takes you through the Bible book by book, verse by verse. Kay’s warm, yet direct teaching, guides the audience with love and accountability.

    QuickStudy-300x180 QuickStudy

    QUICK STUDY TV is a program designed and dedicated to helping viewers understand the Bible, taking them through the Word of God in one year. Join Rod, Janice and Corie Hembree for shocking discoveries through Quick Study TV.

    boundlessShow The Boundless Show

    We’re an award-winning ministry for Christian young adults who want to grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family. We know that life is a journey, and some of your most important adventures are happening right now. It’s easy to get lost along the way, so we’d like to travel the road with you, and like a trusted friend or mentor, help you navigate the years ahead with biblical wisdom and intention.

    TheLandandtheBook The Land and the Book

    Dr. Charlie Dyer helps you understand the complex tapestry of people and events that make up Israel and the Middle East from a biblical perspective. Each week he presents you with an in-depth look at biblical, historical, archeological and prophetic events and their relevance to today.

    TownhallWeekend Townhall Weekend

    By uniting the nations’ top conservative radio hosts, Townhall breaks down the barriers between news and opinion, journalism and political participation — and enables conservatives to participate in the political process with unprecedented ease.