11/06/14 With MIRACLES, Eric Metaxas provides the measured and wide-ranging treatment this subject deserves, from serious discussion of the compatibility between faith and science, to astonishing and well-documented stories of personal miracles from people he knows. Metaxas





11/10/14 Fifty years after the end of World War II, Dick Winters suddenly found himself thrust into the spotlight after the publication of Band of Brothers and the internationally successful television miniseries that followed it that focused on him as the main “character.” A quiet, reluctant hero, Dick Winters’ modesty and strength which drew him admirers among his men half a century before as Major Dick Winters, commander of Easy Company, now was felt by millions worldwide. Author Colonel (Ret.) Cole C. Kingseed
kara11/11/14 Kara’s new book, The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life’s Hard book is not just her cancer story. Kara’s words can and will encourage anyone trying to find peace in the hard of life, whatever their situation may be. Kara Tippetts





12/05/14The Media Line™ (TML) is a unique non-profit news organization established to enhance and balance media coverage in the Middle East, promote independent reporting in the region, and break down barriers to understanding in the Arab and Israeli journalism communities. Michael and Felice Freidson